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Welcome to my dudeoir photography project!

The idea of “dudeoir” (or “dudoir”) photography blew up a few years ago when average joes across the country started doing photoshoots parodying classic women’s boudoir photography – complete with soft light, skimpy outfits, and sexy poses. Big, burly men aren’t often seen in that light, and since it was all very tongue-in-cheek, dudeoir was a hit!

Now, I’m a happily married dad of four kids and I love living the dad life. I’ve been a body positivity advocate for a while now and have been involved in the plus-sized men’s style community. Although I’m a graphic designer by trade, I’ve dabbled in a bit of modeling and I’ve really enjoyed it. Over the years, I’m often asked to show “a bit more”, and I’ve always been hesitant. But with my lovely wife’s blessing, I’ve decided to dive headfirst into the dudeoir world!

Sign up to be a patron and receive access to exclusive photos of yours truly, as I explore a wide variety of various ridiculous themed photoshoots.  As a family man, I commit to keeping it lighthearted and safe for work (strictly PG-13 and below!) but it’s all going to be a lot of cheeky fun! That’s why we’re calling it Dadoir. Silly, sexy or stupid? Maybe all three? You be the judge!